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On , SEMimpact wrote:

Awesome work!!!

On , 818marketing wrote:


On , EpicApps wrote:

Once again great work, this is now my 2nd order and I sure will be back.

On , jamaicata wrote:

good :)

On , msolda1 wrote:

Good job, thanks.

On , CMather wrote:

Perfect! Well Written.

On , acotut wrote:

You guys have done a great job,I’m really satisfied with your service!

Thank you!

On , Unstoppable wrote:

This was my first time purchasing an article from Money Site Content and I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of work! The article contains the perfect combination of well researched product details injected with high converting copy that I know will make sales. Also, the TAT on the article was lightning fast compared with other services that I have ordered.

Overall I am pretty impressed with the work and will definitely be placing more orders soon!

On , hiuuf wrote:

not converting to me

On , KELLOGGS wrote:

Extremely convincing! My request for a revision was carried out within the hour and I received a great over delivery! GREAT WORK!

On , fastneasymoving1 wrote:

I’ve had a number of quality copy written by MSC.

They’ve written all the content for my highest traffic landing pages. Funny thing, the best thing I found on a black hat forum was quality content.

On , EpicApps wrote:

Very good, its informative and sells well. Thanks

On , marcdk wrote:

Fast delivery, and very professional!

On , crosscheck wrote:

Great Job! No changes need. Bang on

On , Pois0n wrote:

Article is very well written and has great flow to it, it covers everything I provided and includes all of my keywords. The article is written in perfect English and does not appear to be written by a 3rd world writer; the author’s native language is definitely English!

I’ve purchased hundreds of articles with other providers and none of them even compare with the amazing quality of this article.

Thanks for the amazing work!

On , wmoriarty wrote:

This is just great content!

Very well researched and well written material that is a joy to read.


On , johnwillson007 wrote:

Thanks for this wonderful article, will order again from you guys!

On , shailzrocks wrote:

I ordered a while ago and the work was completed in 4 hours flat. Freaking Amazing TAT!

The content I received was superior and went way beyond my expectation. Right on topic, very intuitive, exceptionally researched and well structured writing. My niche is heavily competitive but I have never seen any convincing stuff like this.

Great Job John & Team.. Will be back for more..

On , chungy90 wrote:

Excellent sales copy.

You made it legit and no hype to it, which is what I was looking for.

On , fletcher6490 wrote:

Absolutely fantastic!!!

I placed an order a few days ago and received my homepage rewrite as well as a few hundred word article. All I’m going to say is WOW!!! This is amazing stuff. No errors whatsoever and the content was fantastic. If I had the money, I would have every article I need done by these guys but unfortunately that would be expensive. Seriously though, this was beyond my expectations and would recommend 100%

On , Kimi wrote:

John K is a cool guy, very professional and very friendly.

The quality of the sales page is great, well written.

Grammar, words and expressions are simply perfect, no mistakes.

Turnaround was under 24 hours – for a sales copy you won’t find a faster turnaround time than this. Some of the article writers deliver 1 normal article of 400 words in 24 hours, but he and his team managed to finish a great sales copy in 24 hours – I think it’s something .

That being said, I don’t know how this guy manages to deliver this amazing service at such a low price.

Congratulations John K, hands down one of the best copy-writing service out there. I would Definitely recommend MoneySiteContent.

On , Rotem Guez wrote:


Just got my 500 words sales page content and i can say that it looks very professional and

I’m definitely going to order more from them.


On , abysse wrote:

This is a unique service, outstanding value for all of you who are looking to optimize your sales thread, or your website.

Quality is the word here.

As most of you may know already, i run a web hosting company and finding a quality writer for such a technical market is nearly impossible so when it comes to optimize a sales pitch, i haven’t even considered it.

And yet, i received a copy 100% accurate technical wise, and with an excellent reflection of our web hosting policy and our communication strategies. Grammar / typo is also perfect.

Such service isn’t here to fill a blank space in adding words after words but it is made to optimize your conversions and i’m sure that after implementing it, i’ll see a significant difference in the overall conversion.

Thank you !

On , Duffers5000 wrote:

Since using Moneysitecontent I have seen a good increase on sign-ups. Highly recommended for front page content that converts.

John K’s Team put together a sales letter for me.
They were able to reduce a long winded pitch into catchy main points.

The whole flow of the letter was funneled towards getting people to opt in to a service. I haven’t launched the service yet but I know it will convert at a very high rate.

I think it goes without saying that Grammar and Punctuation etc was all perfect.

If you have a service or offer to promote, quality sales driven copy is the difference between All views and intermittent conversions , and an offer that gets people clicking and signing up. If you have the offer then great copy is an upgrade you can’t do without.

I highly recommend this service and hope its very successful for you!

On , kaytav wrote:

I got a sales letter written by the team

Just a single word “Superb“.

I got it written in ~ 48 hours — Fast Turnaround.

Quality is superb , no errors and its good to attract more visitors and converting them in clients.

About the service , I have known John K for about ~1.5 years and he is a great guy and he sells real quality services and products.

The copy that was produced is superb,  his team is very smart and good at what they do.

Keep up the good work bro

On , MrNewbie wrote:

Quality person that no doubt will provide BHW with great content and happy customers.

On , HostStage wrote:


I’m a regular user of MoneySiteContent’s writing services.

It is the only content provider i have ever come across who can match quality-delay-price ! Which is the famous triangle all consumers are looking for.

Their team is professional, friendly, involved in your content and the price for such a service is just unbeatable.

Their expertise is proven and the articles are well researched and are even perfect for corporation websites.

As the articles are written by Native Speakers, the grammar and the language is just perfect…

I’m using his services on, a regular basis for my SEO customers, authority websites, own MNS, corporation blog, web 2.0 properties, press release and so on…

A steady service which can be used for a huge quantity of needs.

Order with your eyes closed and expect the best because this is what you’ll get 


On , WizGizmo wrote:

We all know, Google loves relevant content and

speaking for myself, creating content is the most tedious task there is.

John K. and his team of pros provide high quality content that you can bank on.

Great service and great support from a great guy!

All the best of luck.

Cheers! – “Wiz” :)

On , Davids355 wrote:

Received my 10 Articles from John K. Had to upload them straight to my sites!

Quality is fantastic, the articles are well formated, headed correctly and read really well!

OP over-delivered on the word-count as well.

VERY happy with these!! If/when this is offered as a service I will definitely be a buyer!


On , NapsteR wrote:

I got the articles… I’m really impressed with the quality. Some of my keywords are really hard to write, and requires a lot of research. I honestly thought OP will ask me to change the keywords.

All the articles were well researched and I can see some LSI keywords are in the articles too. 100% seo friendly, I’m just gonna use them in my sites without any changes.

10/10 for me. I will definitely be using his services again 

On , BassTrackerBoats wrote:

The OP gave me the opportunity to review his article writing service and I am very impressed. They are very well written and have the proper tags <h2>, <h3> in them as well which is important for SEO and not always done for you when you outsource content.

These articles were well researched in addition to being well written and one article in particular was very impressive as it was for a particular business and the research done was top notch for that one… I was actually surprised when reading it because it was so well researched and to the point for that business.

I’m a big content guy and have spent thousands this year for content for a couple of new projects and this is the same quality I have been getting from some of the well known writers here on BHW.

Great quality… excellent turn times even though this is a Holiday time!



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